LUCEM® Light Transmitting Concrete

For Impressive Lighting Applications

Unique features and attractive design distinguish LUCEM light transmitting concrete. So it is very robust and completely weather-insensitive, like normal natural stone. This is why it is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, for walls and floors, for furniture and accessories, and at the same time ensures special light effects. 

Spectrim Millwork is a highly aesthetic, maintenance friendly, and
extremely durable millwork technology that utilizes Ultra Realistic PVC & Non PVC Films to provide long lasting, economically viable, and extremely aesthetic millwork to your hospitality, healthcare, or
institutional environment. Featuring Moldings, Casework, Valances,
High Impact Wall Protection, Acrylic Panels, 3d Laminate Panels,
Handrails-(SmartRail), and more. 

The First Self-Adhesive Natural Slate Panel

STONETACK™ is the first self-adhesive natural slate panel designed for decorating interior walls. Each panel is made from sheets of slate backed with a thin layer of adhesive to attach the panel to the wall. This innovative DIYproduct can be installed quickly and easily in just three steps. It’s perfect for homes and businesses.


Olee Creative’s custom interior graphics transforms your space into something truly memorable. We develop wall murals, window films, decorative panels, artwork and signage to enhance and reflect key design themes. Our creative design team and professional installers deliver powerful, polished, accurate work that is perfectly integrated into your overall space.

Anything you can imagine in a wall finish, we can provide.

Southwest Progressive Enterprises’ knowledgeable staff will work closely with the architects and designers at the planning stage to help determine the appropriate materials, patterns and finishes for your project. We help bring your vision to life, assuring you the finest products and craftsmanship that exist today.

Versatile Wall Covering Systems

Our wallcovering systems create a smooth, durable and easy-to-clean surface that eliminates pores and pockets in which micro-organisms could accumulate. Once installed, the wallcovering can be painted and then repainted as often as needed. With Cinch Magnetic Wallcovering and Scribil Dry-Erase Coating by Vitrulan USA, we’ve combined form and function, allowing you to turn your walls into a writing and magnetic display areas.



Stonewood Panels have Non-porous surfaces, Graffiti Resistant, and Scratch Resistant.  Additionally, the panels are Chemical-resistant for use in laboratory, medical, or educational environments where such surface properties are important. Tested and passed SEFA 3, SEFA 8-PH-2010, Section 8.1.  Panels can be optimizes for use as elevator panels, soffits, entryways, lobbies, common areas and jet ways,